Fan-Fold shipping labels 102mm x 150mm - 2000 labels eco permanent.

SKU: FF-102x150-2000
2000 labels 102mm x 150mm eco permanent Fan-Fold

Order your Fan-Fold shipping labels now and save on storage space and costs!

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Are you also switching to Fan-Fold labels?

Fan-Fold labels are ideal for businesses in sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, and distribution. Fan-Fold labels are stacked and folded in a zigzag pattern and are delivered without a hard core or reel. This means they take up less space than blank roll labels and produce no waste from cores or reels.


These eco permanent Fan-Fold shipping labels have a size of 102mm x 150mm and are delivered in a continuous series of 2000 labels without a hard core or reel. This makes them the ideal choice for businesses looking for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for their labeling needs in logistics, manufacturing, and distribution.




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102mm x 150mm
Direct thermal (top)
Glue Selection
Printer Type
Zebra ZD420D
Zebra A300
Zebra DA402
Zebra GK420D
Zebra ZT220
Zebra (T)LP 2742
Zebra Z4M Plus
Zebra ZT200
Zebra (T)LP 3842
Zebra ZT230
Zebra (T)LP 2844
Zebra GK420T
Zebra ZD220
Shipping labels
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