Sustainability - an important topic that is receiving increasing attention worldwide. Zolemba also likes to contribute to a greener world. How exactly we do that, from the production of your labels to the delivery of your package, you can read on this page.

Sustainable alternatives for traditional materials
Whenever possible, we replace traditional materials with sustainable alternatives. Our thermal materials for blank labels have already been completely replaced by a greener alternative, NXT paper. Furthermore, our paper labels are manufactured exclusively from FSC-certified materials. This means that the raw materials come from forests managed with consideration for the environment, society and local economy. No deforestation takes place and the existing ecosystem is preserved or even improved.

(Thermal) paper
Our direct thermal labels and material paper white permanent are manufactured from RAFNXT+ material. RAFNXT+ is a sustainable alternative to standard paper labels. During the production of the RAFNXT+ material, care is taken to reduce CO₂ emissions and sustainably manage forests. The material is FSC certified and therefore generates less waste during its life cycle compared to standard paper materials.

PP Ocean Bound
PP Ocean Bound is made from plastic that, before it ends up in the sea, is collected from beaches in Malaysia. The material is ISCC-Plus certified, a standard that focuses on safe working conditions and biodiversity conservation. PP Ocean Bound Transparent contains at least 90% recycled material. PP Ocean Bound White contains a minimum of 85% recycled material. It offers the same material properties as traditional PP.

PP Forest
PP Forest is not produced with fossil fuels, but with tall oil. Tall oil is a residual product from the pulping process of softwood from sustainably managed forests. Despite replacing fossil fuels, the material properties are the same as traditional PP. PP Forest Transparent contains 90% renewable raw materials. PP Forest White contains 85% renewable raw materials.

Smart packing machine
You know the drill. Ordering something small, and the next day the delivery guy shows up on your doorstep with a huge package. Not at Zolemba! All our shipments are packed with our smart packing machine. The shipments are measured by laser, after which the cardboard is cut to size. This way we do not use any filling material and we do not use more cardboard than necessary. Customized packaging also saves space in delivery vans.

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Climate neutral shipping with DHL
Orders you place with us are delivered climate-neutrally by DHL. DHL is committed to reducing CO2 emissions throughout the entire logistics process: from the moment your package is picked up at Zolemba to when the delivery driver arrives at your door. For example, as many packages as possible are delivered by electric delivery vans, or the cars run on the sustainable fuel HVO100: a change you don't see, but it is much better for the environment. DHL and Zolemba offset residual emissions through the GoGreen program. Thanks to Gold Standard projects in developing countries, we not only offset residual emissions, but also contribute to promoting the local economy. DHL is also committed to nature restoration in Europe. Investments in large-scale reforestation projects restore important ecosystems and promote biodiversity. The projects also provide social and economic benefits to the local community. The ultimate goal is to cause zero CO2 emissions.

Any questions about sustainability at Zolemba? Please feel free to contact us via

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