Printed labels: Unlimited possibilities

Your sales success is largely determined by the appearance of your printed label. It’s essential that your label looks perfect on your products and packaging.

Printed labels

There are several printed labels where you can think of for your marketing campaigns. From printed labels with your logo to a complete design in full color.

printed labels

Labels for marketing campaigns

Full color printed labels are used for many purposes. For promoting your product, for selling new products, for boosting your brand awareness and marketing campaigns. Think also of assets which you use each day (e.g. racks, envelopes, folders) where you can paste labels onto for identification.

A unique label

Would you like to have a unique label? Zolemba offers excellent solutions. Full color printed labels with different shapes such as round, diamond-shaped, oval, etc. You can choose from a wide choice of materials.


However if you need labels with different barcodes or different data in general we can provide that as well with our Variable Data Printing technology.


Below several examples of printed labels from various sectors.



We produce these printed and unprinted labels in our own machinery in Haaksbergen (The Netherlands) so we can assure the best quality.


Order your printed labels here

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