Product labels

At Zolemba, we understand the importance of a beautiful label like no other. A product label is the business card of your product, informs users, and makes your product stand out on the shelf. Our wide range of materials ensures that there is always a suitable material for your product labels.

Product labels with various materials

With our online configurator, you can easily create your label. You have the choice of various materials to give your product a unique look. Depending on the material of your packaging, you can choose from paper, PP, or PET. The materials are available in different variants and adhesive types. By using white ink on silver or transparent materials, your product label gets a unique effect, similar to foil printing. Your labels will also have an extra beautiful appearance and durability when you apply a protective glossy or matte varnish. Additionally, we can create any desired shape, in sizes up to 300mm x 900mm. The possibilities are endless!

Sustainable materials for product labels according to the PPWR

With the introduction of the European PPWR, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, the importance of sustainable packaging is also enshrined in law. For example, by 2030 all packaging must be highly recyclable. Additionally, the recycled content of plastic packaging, the percentage of recycled material that the packaging contains, must increase over the years. Packaging must also be as light as possible. At Zolemba, we are happy to contribute to this. We closely follow all developments regarding sustainable packaging and are early adopters of sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. For example, the recycled content of our PP Ocean Action (also called PP Ocean Bound) is 90%, and our PP Forest Transparent is made from 90% bio-based material. Have other material needs? Feel free to contact us for possibilities. For instance, our White Paper is slightly thinner than traditional paper materials to make packaging lighter, and we produce labels with a special wash-off adhesive for PET and HDPE recycling streams. Wash-off labels are an ideal alternative to wet glue labels because they provide a nicer and more elegant end result on, for example, a BNR (Brown Dutch Return Bottle) than wet glue labels.


Machine labeling

Whether you're manually applying a small batch of product labels by hand or processing larger volumes with a labeling line, Zolemba is here to help! We offer four different core diameters. This refers to the diameter of the cardboard tube on which the labels are wound. These core diameters are 25mm, 40mm, 45mm, or 76mm. By choosing the right roll winding, the way the label is wound on the roll, and specifying the maximum number of labels per roll, you ensure that your labels are processed smoothly by machines.

Food safety

All materials (except PET Silver) at Zolemba are certified according to the Food Safety System Standards ISO 22000 certification, ensuring that these materials are safe for use on food packaging. Want to learn more or looking for a product label that can be directly applied to food items? Feel free to contact us for more information. You can easily order your product labels through our online configurator.

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