Bottle Labels


Zolemba makes customizing bottle labels as easy as possible for you. Zolemba offers a number of advantages you can benefit from.


Advantages of Zolemba:

- Fast delivery
- No extra costs for die-cut
- Everything is digital
- Low prices
- Good service
- In-house production

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You can make your bottle labels in full colour. We use the most advanced machines for printing your bottle labels. The bottle stickers of Zolemba are of the highest quality. The bottle labels are cut with a laser in our own production center in the Netherlands. We can produce all sizes and shapes of labels ourselves. Thanks to in-house production we can offer you the best quality for low prices. This also enables us to deliver your order fast within Europe. If you do not want to receive your order as soon as possible you can choose another date of delivery and receive a discount.


Zolemba specializes in making round stickers. These round stickers are available in many sizes and types. Thanks to our laser cutters we can produce bottle labels in every shape you wish. If you need bottle labels with your logo on it we can print it on any shape with the best print quality. Zolemba is the supplier of all the different stickers and labels for different applications. Zolemba is also an expert in the field of full colour stickers. The stickers and labels are exclusively produced on rolls. Blank labels on rolls, thermal labels on rolls and many more labels for different uses are available and personalizable at Zolemba. Besides the standard labels, Zolemba also produces glass stickers, price stickers, food stickers, deep freeze stickers and many more! We offer materials that are water resistant or scratch resistant.

Do not wait any longer and benefit from our advantages. Order your bottle labels now on Zolemba.

For questions and advice, check out website or contact us directly. We are always ready to help you answer your questions and help you with your order.

Order your labels here

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