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Glass Stickers

Zolemba also produces glass stickers. As the name suggests, these are stickers that are highly suitable for sticking on glass. Not every type of material or adhesive is suitable for glass because glass almost always has a smooth surface. Zolemba's materials consist of Paper, PP, and PET. These are all materials that adhere well to glass. Do the glass stickers need to be water-resistant? Then PP or PET is recommended. Do you want a transparent label? Then you will need to choose PET (PET transparent) be the best option.

Glass stickers are used for various applications

  • On bottles such as wine bottles, beer bottles, or champagne bottles
  • Security stickers
  • Decoration stickers
  • Bird stickers
  • Product labels
With the help of Zolemba's label configurator, you can easily and quickly assemble your own glass stickers.

You need to go through the following steps in our label configurator:

Step 1. Dimensions of your label. Here, you specify the height and width of the label, including for round stickers. If the diameter is 30mm, you would input 30mm for both height and width.

Step 2. Shape of your label. Here, you check the box indicating that it is a round shape.

Step 3. Material. Here, you can specify which material you prefer.

Step 4. Adhesive type. Here, you can specify which type of adhesive you prefer.

Step 5. Core. Here, you can choose from the 4 cores we offer.

Step 6. Winding. Here, you make a choice for a winding, 1 through 8.

Step 7. Model. Here, you specify how many models you want, as well as the number of labels per model.

Step 8. Number of labels per roll. Here, you can specify the

Step 9. Printing. Here, you can choose between the two types of printing: full color or blank.

Step 10. Quantity and shipping time. Here, the tiered prices for your labels are provided. Additionally, you can indicate how quickly you need your labels.


Through our submission specifications, you can see how to submit your file for your round stickers. Due to our laser printer, you need to include a die-cut line in your file. You can apply a die-cut line using Adobe Illustrator. With the die-cut line in place, we can see that you are ordering round stickers.

Do you have any questions about the options regarding round stickers? Or do you need stickers in a different shape? Of course, this is also possible at Zolemba. Please contact us at +31 (0)53-7370160 or through our contact form.

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