Download your free template for the IATA Lithium Batteries Labels here

When transporting electronic devices with lithium batteries, it is essential to affix a sticker to the package, with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) enforcing strict guidelines. These guidelines include using the IATA Lithium Batteries label and the obligation to add contact information. When the lithium threshold in your shipment is exceeded, it is crucial to include contact information on the label. This is a requirement that enables quick contact with the responsible party in case of an accident, fire, or emergency. Additionally, questions or uncertainties may arise about the contents of the shipment. By adding contact information, these questions can be clarified directly with the sender to avoid misunderstandings.
Previously, you had to order IATA UN labels as pre-printed labels, but nowadays, Zolemba provides free templates and matching roll labels. Save valuable time and effort by printing your contact information on the labels using your thermal printer. Simplify the process with the following steps:

1. Order labels with a distinctive red border.

2. Download the free Word templates.

3. Easily add your phone number to the template.

4. Effortlessly print the template onto the label.

This approach not only saves time and effort when shipping packages with lithium batteries but also allows you to print your contact information yourself. Download the free Word templates below and order the corresponding roll labels so you can start printing them with your own details. Add these convenient features to your shipping processes and optimize your lithium battery shipments today!

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