Customer Case: The story behind the Rigtersbier brewery

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From distribution center to brewery, and from lubricant producer to construction company: Zolemba's customer base is extremely diverse! We regularly highlight one of our customers. For Rigtersbier from Haaksbergen in the Dutch province of Overijssel, we are responsible for the beer labels. On this page, you'll discover more about this collaboration.

Maarten says, "In our search for a suitable labeling system, we quickly settled on self-adhesive roll labels. As a small brewer, we don't have the budget to invest in a complete wet glue labeling machine. We work with batches of up to 10 hectoliters per type, making it too costly to pay setup fees for a printer each time. Additionally, we found that paper labels with wet glue on most bottles from small brewers often looked sloppy, with labels often crooked or glue smeared. Moreover, when bottles come out of the fridge, the labels easily peel off and start wrinkling.
The labels we now order from Zolemba are made of a type of plastic, known as PP, and do not come off the bottle, even when wet. Initially, we painstakingly applied the labels by hand, which became tedious after 3000 bottles. A semi-automatic labeling machine from China provided the solution. The device, costing less than $650, labels up to 30 bottles per minute and ensures that the labels are neatly aligned and at the same height on the bottles. Many of our fellow brewers have switched after seeing our labels combined with the labeling machine. The flexibility and low setup costs make it very attractive for small brewers."

Rigtersbier is now available at over 50 points of sale, including in hospitality venues, liquor stores, and at festivals. Interested in participating in an interview with us and having free product photos taken?

Please contact us via or +31 53 737 0160.

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